3 June, 2017

Take care of your skin

Professional skin care and make up products do miracles! Taking care systematically your skin following your beautician’s or your dermatologist’s advice, you will manage to gain healthy skin and your make up will show up in the best way without stressfull- even if they are effective- efforts on the last minute!

Perfect Foundation

The products and the techiniques that your make up artist will use should gain to natural but flawless results which will show up your beauty but will not make you look fake when someone has a close look- as we have seen many times. Except from the photographer’s lens, your husband and your beloved will see you. Is there anything better than looking fresh and light?


The eyebrows are a very important part of our appearance because they highlight our characteristics and they define the final appearance of our make up. This means that it is necessary to shape them in the best way! Discuss with your make up artist for the perfect shape for your face and let her do it for you! The results will justify your choice!

Don’t be afraid of false eyelashes

False eyelashes make your eyes look more intense and the photographic lens love them! There is such a huge variety in shapes and it’s very easy to use them. Following you make up artist’s guidelines you will find those that suits you and will emphasize your eyes without making you look extravagant. I try will convince you!


If you want to have a balanced look, the bridal make up should follow your wedding style (romantic, chic, boho etc) and with the season of your wedding. For example maybe a strict black eyeliner may suits your face perfectly but how would it look combined with a very romantic wedding dress and light hair? It’s very normal to want something special for this special day, but keep in mind that harmony is our style, it is the thing that will finally gain the impressions.