3 June, 2017

Every bride wants to be radiant and beautiful in her wedding day. In this article you can see my advice on how to avoid the most common bridal make up mistakes in order to have a flawless appearance!

The make up is among the last strokes of your preparations for a glowing look. Even if you are already aware of many make up secrets, it’s safer to let yourself in an expert’s hands, in order to avoid possible last minute mistakes and also enjoy the experience to being treated by experts this very special day of your life.

Right time schedule

The bridal preparation is a very special moment so it is necessary to be calm and have fun. The schedule you have agreed with your make up artist is precious for both of you! The professional has the time to focus on his work, while you can enjoy this procedure without stress. The bad program and continuous interruption by visitors may have as a consequence not to have the perfect make up.


New trends inspire us and give us new ideas. However every woman has her own personality which she has to bring out in the best way. It’s very important to choose a make up trend that suits us, so after years, looking back to our wedding photos our appearance will still look impressive and all time great, not dated!

Wrong Foundation

Perfect foundation is necessary much more for the day that you want to be luminous. Many times high coverage products are used in order to have flawless photos, but this way you have a heavy “veil” on your face. Of course you wouldn’t like the groom and the guests to see a “mask” on your face. The flattering foundation for your look will be the one that will have high coverage but also look like being just you skin.

Bridal Make Up for someone else

The make up you saw in a picture or the make up a friend of yours had, may impressed you and may be some kind of help for your make up artist in order to understand your style, but is does it suit you? What would be your opinion for a friend of yours who usually has a very natural make up and her wedding day appears “transformed” with very intense smoky eyes look?

Don’t skip the bridal trial make up session

There you will be able to ask the advice of the Make up expert you have chosen and express yourself describing the style you would like to have in your wedding. Take advantage of the opportunity to choose different look until you find the one you prefer and that will make you look fress, glowy and point out your beauty.

Avoiding these basic mistakes in your bridal make up, you will manage to enjoy all the procedure: from the selection of your bridal make up to the bridal pictures!