3 June, 2017

Bridal make up is the last but not least touch for a dreamy bridal look.

In order to achieve the perfect look , it should be very well matched with the rest of the details like your wedding dress, hairstyle and wedding style in general.

Following the next tips for our trial, you will help me understand how you imagine yourself in order to propose to you the perfect make up for you and decide your final look, together.

  1. Send me your photographer’s site, so that I will know the say he/she shoots. It’s very important in order to choose or avoid some colors. This way we will have perfect photos.
  2. Show me pictures of your wedding dress.
  3. Show me pictures of your wedding hairstyle trial or if you have not decided yet, pictures of your ideas.
  4. Choose some pictures that gives a sense of your wedding style. These can be your wedding dress, your hairstyle, the decoration, the stationary… Anything that matches your aesthetics!
  5. Wear something white. It will help you imagine better how you will look like with the wedding dress.
  6. Have your hair styled as closer as possible to the wedding hairstyle. It’s important to have make up and hairstyle that suits together. That will lead us to a flawless look!
  7. Take care of your skin the days before, in order to be hydrated. The right products combined with the professional’s technique and healthy skin, is the three things that will lead as to a fresh and perfect appearance.
  8. Don’t wear make up when you come for the trial, so that your skin will be clean and we will choose the most suitable cosmetics to have a long lasting make up.
  9. Trust the expert you have chosen!
  10. Enjoy your wedding preparation!