4 June, 2017

  1. Visit your beautician or dermatologist at least 6 months prior to the wedding in order to treat any skin problems - if there are any.
  2. Trust an expert to shape your eyebrows in the best way to show up your characteristics. If you decide to change the shape, you will need at least 3 sessions every 3 weeks.
  3. If your skin is oily or if you have comedones (blackheads) visit your beautician in order to have a facial session.
  4. Use face masks and scrubs that suit your skin type at least once or twice per week during the last month before your wedding.
  5. Schedule a hair removal session - if needed- at least 3-4 days prior to your wedding day.
  6. The night before the wedding, just cleanse thoroughly your face and apply your moisturizer. Repeat next morning.
  7. Avoid sun exposure, especially without protection before the wedding. Your skin color may change color and that will affect the make up style, but mainly we want to avoid sunburn and skin dehydration.
  8. Avoid any hair removal procedures the day before the wedding to prevent possible irritations.
  9. Do not experiment with new beauty products and cosmetics the last month before the wedding in order to avoid possible side effects.
  10. Take care of yourself! Follow a balanced diet, drink a lot of water, manage your stress, take rest and enjoy every beautiful moment!